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AI powered massage chair Meshed makes its debut to provide on-demand comfort

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With its high tech design features and AI powered software, Meshed is setting a new trend in robotics as it aims to be the first of its kind to provide on-demand back relief.

As many Americans struggle to overcome their chronic back pain due to lifestyle habits, British students from Cambridge University in partnership with the London School of Massage have come up with a unique solution. Meshed, a device that could replace massage therapists, is built with the latest engineering design techniques, using an integrated mobile app that can be controlled by the user to adjust its massaging features.

The Meshed device has a sleek look and comes with replaceable 5-head rods that can be changed for depth, pressure, and shape. Users may operate all of its key features through a mobile device, and get familiar with their favorite arrangement, thanks to its 3D-axis mobility and easy-to-use app. The device also gets wiser over time as a result of its embedded AI software, learning about the user’s specific needs and what works best for them.

With Meshed addressing a major societal issue, the core team behind the product’s design have over 75 projects to their name with engineering graduates coming from different international universities.

The device, launched by Cambridge Masters Graduate Rohan Kamdar, previously featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, and co-founder Sergio Martinez, follows the successful completion of a robot that irons clothing and removes wrinkles while simultaneously handling up to 12 items. After the IP and technology for their ironing robot gadget was sold to BSH in 2020, Kamdar and his co-founder set their sights on a more ambitious device, with Meshed now ready for product release.

Meshed: An overview

Meshed’s creators have been preparing to give the first 250 funders early access to the product ahead of its November 15 crowdfunding launch. Advanced buyers will be first in line to receive the new item, as well as access to an exclusive Meshed VIP Facebook group to learn about all the newest developments. Their Super Early Bird price starts at £197 ($270) at a 45% discount (RRP $480).

Visit the website to learn more about the campaign and get first access to the limited quantity of Meshed devices available on pre-order.

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