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Sci-Fi Writer Alan Dean Foster Joins New Film “Island In The Stars”

Alan Dean Foster Sci Fi movie 2024
© Daniele Levis Pelusi

Lumen Actus Productions, Inc. announced Monday the enlistment of acclaimed author and screenwriter Alan Dean Foster to their creative team for the upcoming movie, “Island In The Stars,” in the capacity of a script consultant. Foster, celebrated for his contributions to major film projects, including novelizations and screenplays for iconic franchises like “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” and “Alien,” brings with him a wealth of experience and a distinct creative vision.

“‘Island in the Stars’ is a swashbuckling pulp adventure, where explorers on an uncharted planet unravel mysteries that challenge their understanding of the cosmos,” according to the synopsis. It promises an enthralling narrative coupled with a unique visual flair.

The driving force behind the project lies in the hands of director and co-writer Tom Konkle, renowned for his innovative storytelling and captivating narratives. Joining him are seasoned actor Vernon Wells, producer/writer Michael “Oz” Smith, and award-winning Australian producer Lucinda Bruce, ensuring a fusion of creative brilliance and cinematic prowess.

This new endeavor marks a collaboration between sister companies Lumen Actus Productions, Inc. (US) and Lumen Actus Pty Ltd (Australia), alongside Dreamscreen Australia, a trailblazer in virtual production technology. Together, their combined efforts aim to deliver a cinematic tale that not only captivates but also resonates deeply.

Set to commence production later this year, further updates on the project are to be anticipated.

The legal representation for the film is entrusted to Brandon Blake of Blake and Wang. Foster’s invaluable contribution will ensure “Island In The Stars” is a pioneering addition to the science fiction genre.