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Los Angeles Takes Action to Support Workers Affected by 99 Cents Only Stores Closures

closure of 99 Cents Only Stores worker support announced by LA city
© Brooke Cagle

Mayor Karen Bass has announced proactive measures to assist workers affected by the impending closure of multiple 99 Cents Only stores across the city. With over 30 stores within the city limits, the closure is expected to have a significant impact on local employees. The Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD) has swiftly activated its Rapid Response Team to address the needs of those affected.

“I am directing City departments to help make resources and support available to workers who will be impacted by these closures in the coming weeks,” Mayor Bass stated. “We must do all we can to support Angelenos during this difficult time.”

In alignment with the Mayor’s directive, the City has outlined several initiatives to aid impacted workers:

Virtual Rapid Response Presentations: Daily virtual sessions will be conducted to guide workers through available supports, such as Unemployment Insurance and to facilitate a smoother transition.

WorkSource Centers Assistance: The City’s 14 WorkSource Centers are poised to address queries regarding layoffs and future employment prospects.

Resource Sharing: The Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement, along with the EWDD Rapid Response Team, will disseminate resources to employees at closing stores, ensuring vital information and materials are accessible to all affected workers.

Collaboration with County Authorities: Coordination efforts with the County of Los Angeles aim to extend support and resources to all impacted 99 Cents Only Stores workers across the broader Los Angeles region.

The Mayor’s Office has pledged ongoing vigilance over the situation, promising to assess and implement additional measures as necessary to aid affected workers during this transitional period.

The closure of 99 Cents Only Stores underscores the broader economic challenges facing many low-wage workers in the city, prompting a concerted effort by local authorities to mitigate the impact on vulnerable communities.