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NFT artist Orkhan bridges technology and culture together in latest artworks

© Orkhan

NFT artist Orkhan has been at the forefront of a technological shift as the cultural dynamic of art itself becomes more interconnected through the web.

Originally from Baku in Azerbaijan, Orkhan studied computer sciences at the prestigious Khazar University before moving later to Turkey to complete a Visual Communication Design course. Having then moved to Europe to pursue his studies in the arts, Orkhan became a successful artist and designer, bridging both technology and the arts together while showcasing cultural heritage. 

Since his studies, Orkhan has found international success having fused his art within the intersection of public, culture and STEM principles (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). This has led him to exhibiting his art work at prestigious events including the Moscow International Contemporary Art Biennale, the Venice Biennale de Arte, and the Dave Festival in Dresden, Germany among many others. 

The artist is also known for having introduced media installations in relation to the embroideries’ heritage of Azerbaijan and the Middle East, with remarkable precision. However, with the evolving technology landscape, and NFT, artists are now finding new ways to demonstrate their latest creations. 

NFT art is one of the most innovative forms of art that has come out in recent years. There are different types of NFT which include knit graffiti, pixelated paintings, and augmented reality sculptures among others. NFT art is also a new form of art that enables artists and designers to generate value in the digital world. It is the perfect medium for those who want to reach a global audience. It is the perfect platform for the 21st century artist that wants to truly define themselves globally, and enable people to appreciate and buy art.

One of his most successful projects include ‘The Idea of Saving Aesthetics’ which was showcased at the Moscow Contemporary Art Biennale in 2019. Exhibited on Art Foundation, Orkhan discovered an international demand for his art, which was sold just last month.

Financial disclaimer: Financial trading and investing in cryptocurrencies including NFTs, coins, tokens as well as other leveraged products is highly risky and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable professional financial advice should be obtained before investing in these assets or the financial markets.