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Biden Announces Historic $7 Billion Investment on Earth Day 2024

Biden announces historic 7 billion investment on Earth Day 2024
© Manny Becerra

President Biden is set to make a significant announcement today as he travels to Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, Virginia, to mark Earth Day 2024. Against the backdrop of a national park system site developed by FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps, the President will unveil major strides in combatting climate change and advancing the American Climate Corps initiative.

Since taking office, President Biden has prioritized restoring America’s climate leadership both domestically and internationally. Under his administration, the United States rejoined the Paris Agreement on his first day in office. Subsequently, the administration has pursued an ambitious climate agenda, securing the largest-ever climate investment and fostering a clean energy manufacturing surge, resulting in over 270,000 new clean energy jobs. Moreover, the administration has been committed to environmental justice, ensuring that climate investments benefit marginalized communities and enhancing the nation’s climate resilience by conserving more than 41 million acres of lands and waters.

Expanding Access to Affordable Solar Energy

During his visit to Prince William Forest Park, President Biden will announce $7 billion in grants through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Solar for All program. This initiative, a part of the Inflation Reduction Act’s $27 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, aims to provide residential solar power to over 900,000 households in low-income and disadvantaged communities across every state and territory. These grants are projected to save households over $350 million in electricity costs annually, significantly reducing carbon pollution over the next 25 years.

Mobilizing the Next Generation of Climate Leaders through the American Climate Corps

President Biden will also highlight the expansion of the American Climate Corps, a transformative initiative inspired by FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps. This program will engage more than 20,000 young Americans in combating climate change while equipping them with the skills necessary for the clean energy and climate-resilience workforce.

Applications for the American Climate Corps are now open through the newly launched website The program offers nearly 2,000 positions across 36 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico, hosted by organizations dedicated to advancing clean energy and conservation efforts. Members of the American Climate Corps will have access to TradesFutures’ apprenticeship readiness curriculum, preparing them for careers in the clean energy sector and providing a pathway to well-paying union jobs.

Furthermore, the US administration’s partnership with North America’s Building Trades Unions’ nonprofit partner TradesFutures will offer American Climate Corps members additional training opportunities. The recent update to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Pathways Programs expands eligibility for federal service, providing Corps members with streamlined pathways to careers in public service.

States including Vermont, New Mexico, and Illinois are launching their own climate corps programs, joining ten states with successful initiatives. These programs, in collaboration with the American Climate Corps, aim to empower young people to serve their communities while addressing climate change challenges.

Additionally, the Energy Communities AmeriCorps program, a collaboration between the Department of the Interior, the Energy Communities Interagency Working Group, and AmeriCorps VISTA, will place American Climate Corps members in priority energy communities across the nation to support community-led projects, including environmental remediation.

President Biden’s announcement underscores the administration’s commitment to tackling the climate crisis, reducing costs for Americans, and fostering economic opportunities while safeguarding the environment for future generations.