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Nnajiugo Nwosu: Technology’s impact on healthcare ‘about to change patient care like never before’


Nnajiugo Nwosu, Sr. Vice President of Technology for Chamco Projects, predicts the impact of technology on healthcare will have ramifications for patient care around the world.

With the latest advancements in healthcare from artificial intelligence through to voice recognition technology, patient care has been evolving in the past several years, with more innovation to come.

“We’re at a crucial turning point where technology in healthcare becomes a game-changer for the whole patient experience,” says Nwosu.

Leading Chamco Projects’ latest technology projects in developing countries across Africa, Nwosu predicts the impact of AI and the blockchain will also be fundamental in the years ahead, transforming patient care experiences and outcomes.

“Look at what’s happening right now with blockchain for example. Digital record keeping and ledgers for transactions will become more transparent. Virtual reality for demonstrating procedures, and helping to train medical professionals is coming. Patients are also getting more personalization, with apps that provide them with biometric readings and regular health updates.”

In recent years, Nnajiugo Nwosu has played a crucial role in the technology industry, assisting businesses in using disruption and growing artificial intelligence capabilities to improve their market position. He has also served as a mentor at USC’s Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurship Studies’ Blackstone LaunchPad.

After supporting students at USC in refining their company concepts and providing practical guidance and direction on crafting great pitches, Nnajiugo Nwosu developed a passion for technological innovation. He has since been assisting a number of organizations in their efforts to develop their international offerings.

As technology evolves in healthcare, organizations are also benefitting from the shift, with access to new artificial intelligence solutions that can help predict scenarios for patients already undergoing specific treatments.

“For organizations, the integration of technology and using it to improve outcomes for their staff as well as patients is just one of the many benefits. We will see in the coming years this technological shift change healthcare for the better. It’s an exciting time to be innovating in the private and public sector,” reflected Nwosu.

With technology creating more disruption in healthcare, the added benefits of new enhanced capabilities are leading to an evolved patient care experience, and with it, a change in how organizations are set to operate in the coming years.