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Cybersmile and Urban Decay launch initiative with 3x World Champion swimmer Anastasia Pagonis for Stop Cyberbullying Day

© Urban Decay / Cybersmile

The Cybersmile Foundation and Urban Decay have revealed a new initiative with 3x world champion swimmer Anastasia Pagonis as part of this year’s Stop Cyberbullying Day event.

Following on from their partnership launch in 2021, Cybersmile and Urban Decay have unveiled their latest call-to-action video series which is part of their ongoing ONLINE BULLYING HURTS IRL campaign.

Anastasia Pagonis, 19, who lost her sight at the age of 14, features in the new series outlining four steps people can take to combat “trolls” in the Stop Cyberbullying Day PSA video. Subsequent episodes are set to provide more in-depth details about how to stop hate and spread love on social media.

Cybersmile Mondays, a mental health initiative initiated by Urban Decay has recently focused on digital wellbeing, with the brand’s social media channels amplifying the message as part of its ONLINE BULLYING HURTS IRL campaign. In order to continue providing crucial resources and support to its community and beyond, the cosmetics brand has also pledged to donate $75,000 to The Cybersmile Foundation. In the past three years, Urban Decay has donated a total of $300,000 to the organization, enabling them to provide additional support to thousands of internet users.

Speaking about the new initiative today as part of the brand’s Stop Cyberbullying Day activities, Eva Erdmann, President for Urban Decay Global, said, “We are thrilled to have someone as dynamic, determined, and accomplished as Anastasia joining us on our mission to end cyberbullying and create safe digital spaces for all.”

To-date, The Cybersmile Foundation has collaborated with a number of leading brands to address the issue of toxicity online as well as cyberbullying and harassment. Their annual Stop Cyberbullying Day event brings together public figures, leading organizations, institutions and the public to encourage a kinder internet.