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SabineTek wins CES 2021 Innovation Award for groundbreaking immersive 3D audio recording Smart Bluetooth earphones

SabineTek Wins CES 2021 Innovation Award / © SabineTek

SabineTek, best known for their innovative wireless consumer audio recording solutions for content creators, showcased their FinaLace—the world’s first immersive 3D audio recording smart Bluetooth earphones with 3-channel binaural audio pick-up—at CES 2021, winning an Innovation Award today. The highly anticipated CES 2021 International Consumer Electronics Show winners were officially announced today. Due to COVID-19, CES organizers cancelled all in-person activities for the first time in 53 years and moved the show online. Despite being virtual, the competition was as fierce as ever.

SabineTek however lived up to expectations picking up a big win this year with FinaLace, hitting a 4-year winning streak, starting in 2018. The company now holds 7 total Innovation Awards for their breakthrough consumer audio solutions, including their SmartMike+ true wireless microphone and their AudioWow wireless sound card recorder.

FinaLace is the world’s first immersive 3D audio recording smart Bluetooth earphones with binaural sound for content creators. The unique 3 microphone design provides real-time mixing and monitoring of any audio source (3-channel audio pick-up) making it a powerful yet portable studio-quality tool to record podcasts, music, videos and calls anywhere, anytime. Binaural recording earphones means that it picks up audio in a 3D environment, just like the ears do, making video and audio content immersive and compelling. When users listen to something that’s recorded with FinaLace, they will hear what happens on their right and what happens on their left. And because the microphones are embedded in the earphones, sound is captured exactly as they perceive it in real life.

The equally powerful proprietary app works as a mixing studio, giving them full control over both recording and playback settings and is loaded with useful features: automatic voice transcription, subtitle generation, and high-fidelity music video creation on the go. FinaLace is also the first Bluetooth earphones with digital audio effects like noise reduction, reverberation, vocal removal, and mixing, making it perfect for a wide range of uses, from conference calls to karaoke to acapella to recording a live music jam session. FinaLace puts the power of a professional recording studio around the neck, giving users pro-grade recording as well as high fidelity playback at the same time.

SabineTek is no stranger to innovation—they have been using CES to showcase the innovative power of acoustic technology to the world stage. Since 2018, they have taken awards at CES for four consecutive years. SabineTek products including SMIC, SOLO KTV headphones, FMike, SmartMike+ and AudioWow have all won CES Innovation Awards. Moving forward, SabineTek plans to further optimize their designs—they see exciting opportunities in AR, VR, IoT, hearing assistance and beyond. The company envisions an integrated, one-stop strategic approach aiming to enable people’s acoustic interconnection via wireless portable devices. Their ultimate vision is to help humanity achieve immersive information communication and control by using natural speech; their own voice interacting with everything without barriers. The brand believes this is how they can realize their company mission: “Connecting The World Through Sound.”

SabineTek’s SmartMike+ is an ultra-compact wireless microphone with real-time transmission and synchronization of full band stereo for vlogging, recording, remixing, voice-over, and dubbing. A True Wireless Stereo Microphone for content creators, it records in CD quality and transmits wirelessly in real-time to their mobile phone. It works with both smartphones and DSLR. Users can also use 2 SmartMike+ devices simultaneously to achieve true stereo recording. It also lets them record their own vocals to any music video and boasts multi-level background noise reduction—making it a professional and convenient recorder for DIY content creators, filmmakers, videographers and journalists.

AudioWow is an ultra-compact wireless Bluetooth sound card. A powerful audio DSP is embedded and deployed with SabineTek’s unique algorithms and Bluetooth technology making it the smallest sound card ever. AudioWow gives users digital sound effects such as real-time monitoring, reverberation, voice changing and wireless mixing. It’s compatible with any 3rd party music player, to enable vocal & music remixing. Users can mix downstream audio and vocals with digital sound effects then transfer the mixed audio back to a mobile phone in real-time for sharing or quick professional-grade video post-production.

The brand new FinaLace will be available on January 25th, 2021 through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Super early bird pledges are available at $79.00 USD for the first 200 units, a 60% discount. An additional 500 units are available at an early bird pledge of $89.00 USD, a 55% discount. Estimated delivery date is the end of April 2021.