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The ATG reveals new 16-track Detroit Cinematic Album featuring the city’s finest


Accredited record producer The ATG is bringing together some of Detroit’s elite for a hip-hop compilation album entitled, “Detroit Cinematic Album.”

After the long anticipated release date, the ATG revealed the new album today in its entirety. After he and his team released a series of infectious singles with accompanying visuals to build anticipation for the project, the album is to set the stage for the young producer’s next musical chapter.

The album is executively produced by Detroit’s Joe Robinson and features a roster of talented artists, including Grammy-nominated Earlly Mac and rising star IMBUNLEE.

The first single from the album, “Overdue,” showcased the versatility of both Earlly Mac and IMBUNLEE, with each rapper displaying their signature flow and smooth delivery. The track was just the beginning, having packed a punch after being released at the beginning of December.

Hailing from the greater Detroit area, The ATG has always had a passion for creativity and artistic expression. With a unique upbringing that allowed him to explore any new passions that caught his attention, it wasn’t long before he found himself drawn to the worlds of cinema and music. The ATG has used his love of film to create cinematic experiences through his music, blending together elements of hip-hop and other musical styles to create a sound of his own.

The ATG’s journey in the music industry began with a collaboration on the Devil’s Night soundtrack with Swifty McVay of D12. This collaboration proved to be a stepping stone for The ATG, leading to further work on the motion picture Trap City, developing a long-standing working relationship with artist and actor Omar Gooding. He has also recently collaborated with Chicago rapper Lil Reese on the album “Demon Time.

The ATG is known for his consistently unique style, which blends traditional hip-hop production with avant-garde gothic elements. His extensive catalog speaks for itself, and he has proven that he occupies a space all on his own in the world of hip-hop production. Having cemented himself on the West Coast, The ATG fan base has been eagerly awaiting his next artistic move. It’s finally here.

Fans of The ATG and the Detroit hip-hop scene will want to stay tuned for more from the “Detroit Cinematic Album,” as The ATG is ready to carry the city on his back and highlight some of the best talent it has to offer.

You can discover the Detroit Cinematic Album here.