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Interactive Development Company sets new architectural design standards following Guinness World Record

© Interactive Development Company

Founded in Los Angeles in 1985, Interactive Development Company set to out innovate architecture and building design. And now the company has expanded its footprint from the U.S. around the world leading it to breaking new ground.

Recently, Interactive Development Company provided design expertise towards an ambitious project undertaken by a consortium of companies which led to a Guinness World Record. This was awarded to the final project, the largest mirrored building ever conceived, which also contains a concert hall that serves as a venue for businesses, performances and special events.

The ambitious project, set in the heart of the desert of Saudi Arabia, took the form of an impressive mirrored building that shimmered in the heat of the arid landscape. Since its inception, it has attracted people from around the world with its 500 seat interior auditorium and unique concert space.

© Interactive Development Company

The mirrored building aka “Mirror Tent” was built on the outskirts of Mada’in Saleh, which has a long history of trade within the Arabian Peninsula as a major hub of commerce.

The concert hall’s interior design also encompasses a special interior for acoustic resonance, enabling audiences to feel immersed in performances taking place in the concert hall’s stage arena.

Interactive Development Company has also been establishing a name for itself outside of Los Angeles with its new regional offices in Riyadh, Valencia and Paris. From residential buildings to institutional spaces, IDC have worked on a host of iconic projects, with more than 200 staff members from engineers to skilled craftsmen providing design expertise on global projects.

Other notable works include the Beirut Modern Arts Museum, Saudi Fransi Bank HQ, Sec Academy and Spazio Restaurant at the top floor of Kingdom Tower.

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