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Taking on the Los Angeles fashion world with the launch of Future Saint – Interview with the founders Olive Craig and Matt French

© Future Saint

After finding success in their native home countries, Olive Craig and Matt French originally from Canada and New Zealand have ventured into LA’s fashion scene with the launch of their new clothing brand, Future Saint.

With a background in tech, fashion and photography, the co-founders channeled inspiration from growing up in skateparks and playing sports, and wanted to create a new look they could bring to America. With a refreshing take on traditional sportswear styles, they’ve created a more modern aesthetic through their latest collection of tees, sweatpants and hoodies.

Having already managed to dress several celebs, the brand is going from strength to strength, and with their latest photography shoots, they’re bringing a new kind of glamour to the streets of LA.

Discover how they’ve set about taking on the LA fashion world, and what their thoughts are on current trends and their brand philosophy.

In discussion with Olive Craig and Matt French

Having started out in the tech space, how did you make the transition over to fashion?

Olive: I have always had a passion for the aesthetics of clothing and sneakers however I found myself stuck to the golden handcuffs and innovation of technology and having co-founded my first venture which reached Forbes Japan and a valuation of 12 million – it wasn’t the success that I expected, more of a horror story and lots of learnings!

It all comes down to doing what you love and making sure you pick the right business partners which is where Matt comes in.

Matt actually highlighted my vision to partner with him and start Future Saint. I can easily say, without him I would not have moved into the fashion world.

© Future Saint

How did Future Saint first come about?

Olive, Matt: We both have a creative eye for style and design. A shared love for art and fashion. A dream of always working in the fashion and design world.

Matt: I spent a year developing creative concepts, knowing I needed someone to partner within the business world. Having known Olive for years and watching her build and create we began the conversation and shortly after, established a partnership. Already one round of sampling completed, collectively we expanded on the creative and design foundation. Together shifting and creating Future Saint.

As a New Zealander and as a Canadian, what attracted you to setting up in Los Angeles?

Olive, Matt: Being from Canada and New Zealand, neither known for being fashion powerhouses and with where we wanted to take the brand, we knew it was definitely larger than both NZ/SYD.

Many of our friends within the fashion industry are based in Los Angeles, and we found a few production houses with the focus on sustainability also being ethically made. It just happened they aligned with us in timeline and production. Streetwear being what it is on the west coast, it made sense for us to set up production in LA.

© Future Saint

Having built your brand’s philosophy on minimizing waste and recycling, how did you go about launching your collection with this in mind?

Olive, Matt: The World is becoming more and more aware of how things are being made. We aren’t settling for playing ignorant to what is actually happening in fast fashion regarding waste, recycling, labour and proper liveable wages. Costs are higher, but if it means we are able to do even a small part in doing the right things, it’s worth it for us. Time to make change in the fashion industry.

What was your creative process in terms of shooting in the studio and on location with models?

Olive, Matt: Creatively with a background in design and photography, we have been able to collaborate with amazing talents around the world creating content for our website and socials. Bringing our visions to reality. Every opportunity to create for the brand is a new opportunity to sell our dream and vision.

What’s been the feedback so far?

Olive, Matt: Top feedback so far is easily the quality. Knowing we took a risk focussing on the details (fabrics, zippers, washes etc.) we felt we wanted to provide the best fit and feeling luxury streetwear available. It seems to be paying off in the responses we have received from buyers around the world. Everyone seems to love the name also.

Do you have any upcoming projects you are working on that we should know about?

Olive, Matt: We always have wheels turning! New products and garments constantly in rotation. Can’t give away too much, but, stay tuned! New product is on its way.

To discover more, visit Future Saint or follow their latest updates on Instagram.