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Bashford Jewelry becomes a go-to for celebrities and influencers looking to make a fashion statement

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Family owned business Bashford Jewelry has become a go-to thanks to its mission to raise awareness of mining communities and advocating for the protection of workers. Having started in 2013, the third-generation jeweler specializes in custom made jewelry pieces for different occasions.

Among some of their best-loved collection of pieces include their halo-style engagement rings, voyage-inspired engagement rings and their beautiful Rose Gold engagement rings.

The business also has a unique collection of vintage rings and offers its clients a way to design their own custom-created jewelry.

Founded by Mildred Oriza Stephens, Bashford Jewelry became a nationally renowned jeweler after rising to prominence through its uniquely creative approach to diamonds and building long-term relationships with its clients.

For the fashion icons and celebrities, it goes without saying that a personal touch goes a long way, and for Bashford Jewelry, custom hand-crafted pieces such as their engagement rings can help people make their own fashion statements.

And it’s not just women that are keen to get the latest rings as they become more trendy for men as well.

We love supporting Bashford jewelry because of its ethical practices and dedication to high-quality rings. We’ve put together a guide of the top men’s rings from Bashford Jewelry that should be considered for the big day.

  1. Men’s Mokume Wedding Bands

The Mokume style ring is a Japanese metalworking process where various metals are combined to create beautiful, unique layers. Different types of gold, silver, and palladium metal layers are hand-worked or twisted into the gorgeous patterns that make up each ring. Men’s Mokume Wedding rings are indeed one of a kind and are perfect for the special man in your life. Our personal favorite of the Men’s Mokume wedding band is the Antelope Canyon Mokume Band.

  1. Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum and white gold are typical metals used in various pieces of wedding jewelry. These handsome rings are comfortable and a timeless piece that displays elegance and class. If you’re looking to add a more significant statement to your platinum wedding band, Bashford Jewelry provides diamond bands to change the ring’s dynamic. We love the variety of options offered for the platinum wedding bands.

  1. Men’s Black Wedding Bands

Black wedding bands are trendy because they offer a smoldering and stark look that is unique compared to lighter metals like platinum or white gold. Plus, black can be matched with almost anything that a man owns, making it a versatile wedding ring to buy. We love the variety and patterns offered for men’s black wedding bands at Bashford Jewelry. While they provide a gorgeous black zirconium polished band, they also offer unique black wedding bands like their panther diamond band.

Creating custom rings

Although we only named three of our favorite men’s wedding bands offered through Bashford Jewelry, they provide a plethora of men’s wedding rings to choose from. If you’re looking for a custom engagement ring, Bashford Jewelry offers services to create a custom jewelry piece that’s made with expert craftsmanship and modern design technology, resulting in a handsome piece of jewelry you can wear for the rest of your life.

The sky’s the limit when it relates to wedding rings at Bashford Jewelry. We love their style and ability to create rings that genuinely fit their client’s tastes and preferences.

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