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Jesse Fastenberg and Andrew R. Insignares of discuss the future of digital currencies

Entrepreneurs Jesse Fastenberg and Andrew R. Insignares have been at the forefront of the digital currencies boom over the past…

20 January 2021
  • Technology

SabineTek wins CES 2021 Innovation Award for groundbreaking immersive 3D audio recording Smart Bluetooth earphones

The new FinaLace is the world's first immersive 3D audio recording smart Bluetooth earphones with 3-channel binaural audio pick-up, a…

11 January 2021
  • Technology

SKYWORTH announces 2021 product lineup at CES 2021

"Lead the Future" launch event introduces premium Smart TVs, featuring a flagship OLED Series and Android TV based line up,…

11 January 2021
  • Technology

Shred announces social, AI-fueled workout experiences with Classes

The new feature will allow Shred users to take classes with friends, influencers, and beyond.

5 January 2021

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