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NFT artist Orkhan bridges technology and culture together in latest artworks

NFT artist Orkhan has been at the forefront of a technological shift as the cultural dynamic of art itself becomes…

5 July 2021
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ZipLabor changing the home services industry by connecting homeowners with businesses at scale

ZipLabor, a new startup, aims to establish an online solution for a wide range of enterprises to enable them to…

9 June 2021
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Cryptonizing smart houses just became possible with GogolCoin

GogolCoin is disrupting the smart housing market with its new technology that is set to re-write the rules on digital…

22 May 2021
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E-biking is about to become accessible and affordable thanks to a new British invention that’s disrupting the status quo

Could this be the technology that disrupts the car industry? E-biking is about to go into a new gear.

10 May 2021
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Jesse Fastenberg and Andrew R. Insignares of discuss the future of digital currencies

Entrepreneurs Jesse Fastenberg and Andrew R. Insignares have been at the forefront of the digital currencies boom over the past…

20 January 2021