Press release distribution on Los Angeles Issue


Press release distribution

Starting from $499

Distribute your press release on Los Angeles Issue with additional social media promotion options.

1-3 days delivery

Distribute your press release on Los Angeles Issue

Los Angeles Issue’s press release distribution service offers you the option to submit your news for publication on our platform with a permanently visible news article that remains in our archives. In our extended packages, you will receive extra visibility through our targeted social media campaigns.

Who is this service suitable for?

  • Small Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • PR Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Brands
  • C-Suite Executives

After selecting a package from the options below and completing the checkout, one of our team will be notified of your payment, and follow up with you to arrange the distribution of your release on our platform. You will need to provide us with a Word document or .PDF file of your press release along with any relevant images, which should be a minimum of 1200px wide for best results.


Standard distribution


Your press release distributed on Los Angeles Issue.

1 day delivery

Press release + social campaign


Your press release distributed on Los Angeles Issue with a social media campaign promoting your story on Twitter.

2 days delivery

Bespoke campaign

On request

Your press release distributed on Los Angeles Issue and additional websites. Please contact us for more information.

3 days delivery


How long does it take for the press release to go live?

Please allow 1 business day for your press release to go live on our platform however if you need a same-day delivery this is also possible. You can contact us before ordering if you want to verify we can publish the same day. Social media campaigns take an additional 1-2 days to complete after your release has been published.

Can a release go out on the weekend?

Yes. If you are able to make your order before 12 noon ET on Friday, we will be able to schedule it for the weekend on a date of your choosing.

What kind of information should I send?

You can send us pictures and a release in word or PDF format document. If your attachments exceed 10MB we recommend using a free service such as WeTransfer, to submit multiple attachments.

What categories of news do you accept?

Press releases can be related to business announcements, entertainment, tech, government, health, science, gaming, sport, music, arts & culture, events and charities. (Adult, CBD, dating, gambling are currently not permitted)

What if I need an urgent correction on a live release?

We can provide a round of corrections for releases once they have gone live on the platform. Please contact your Account Manager to request a change.

What dimensions should the pictures be in?

We recommend images that are 1200x1200 (square) and 1200x450 (landscape). However, high resolution images where possible are preferred, and they will be resized by our editorial team to match our publication and social media channel dimensions.

How long does the press release remain online?

It will be permanently indexed in Google, and remain in our archive.

How does the social media campaign work?

We promote your story through our official social media account on Twitter. This includes targeting user demographics to get your press release in front of a specific audience (you can select this targeting option after the ordering stage)

Do you write the release?

If you need a written release, we can provide one. You will need to send us additional information on your business along with any relevant links and images (this can be done after ordering). Release writing is included at no extra cost.

Can I make screenshots of the articles and repost them?

Yes. You can re-post on social media, take screenshots of the articles and share them on social media channels and websites.

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