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Roosevelt Merisier fights for the justice of fellow friend and mentor Joslyn Morgan in new documentary Status Symbol

Filmmaker Roosevelt Merisier has revealed his new documentary film “Status Symbol” that sheds light on the tragic death of his…

27 August 2021
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Investigative documentary “American 965” opens in Los Angeles this week exposing shocking new evidence

A new investigative documentary is heading to Los Angeles this week, revealing new evidence in relation to the tragic American…

9 July 2021
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Filmmaker Ariel Lavi discusses his latest documentary project “The Corona Diaries”

Discover Ariel’s extraordinary journey in producing the film with people taking part from 5 continents, and learn more about his…

8 May 2021
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Academy reveals lineup for its second annual Global Movie Day

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced talent participating in its second annual Global Movie Day, to…

11 February 2021
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Fernando Garcia announced as new Academy Executive VP, Member Relations & Awards

Garcia will lead engagement and outreach initiatives for the organization’s worldwide membership of over 10,000 artists, filmmakers and executives, and…

21 January 2021