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LA Influencers Launch Short Film Marking Stop Cyberbullying Day To Address Online Abuse

LA influencer campaign Cybersmile Zink Talent
© Cybersmile / Zink Talent

An influencer-led campaign to highlight the severe impact of cyberbullying on mental health has been unveiled on Stop Cyberbullying Day. Launched by The Cybersmile Foundation and influencer agency Zink Talent, the initiative aims to spark meaningful conversations and promote positive actions against online abuse.

Central to the campaign is a short film featuring three influencers who share their harrowing experiences with cyberbullying. These testimonies underscore the emotional toll of online abuse, reminding viewers that there are real people with real emotions behind social media profiles.

Reality TV star Sydney Gordon discusses the intense public backlash she faced, including death threats and hundreds of hate messages after appearing on a show to find love. Now, she uses her platform to advocate against cyberbullying. Christie Val, Sports Illustrated’s first bald model and founder of Baldtourage, shares her journey from hiding her alopecia behind a wig to becoming an inspiration for young women. Similarly, Charlie Rocket, who managed artists like 2 Chainz before founding the Dream Machine foundation, recounts his transition from overcoming a brain tumor to raising awareness about the dangers of cyberbullying.

Influencers are coming together to support Cybersmile’s mission on Stop Cyberbullying Day. By sharing their personal stories, they aim to foster a more compassionate and respectful online environment. The campaign emphasizes the importance of recognizing the humanity behind social media profiles and encourages positive online behavior.

The entertainment industry has also shown strong support for efforts to address cyberbullying. Companies like Netflix and DreamWorks have previously launched initiatives on Stop Cyberbullying Day to combat online harassment and promote digital wellbeing. Their involvement among other entertainment brands underscores the widespread commitment within the industry to tackle this pressing issue.

“Beyond Profiles” marks the first campaign launched by Cybersmile with Zink Talent, leveraging the power of creators to address key digital wellbeing issues. By sharing these personal stories, the campaign aims to remind internet users that there are real people with real emotions behind every social media account, encouraging a more compassionate and respectful online environment.