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LA-Based Zink Talent Partners with Cybersmile to Combat Cyberbullying

© Josh Rose

In a newly announced partnership, Los Angeles-based influencer talent management agency Zink Talent is joining forces with The Cybersmile Foundation to tackle the pressing issue of cyberbullying and its detrimental effects on mental health. This collaboration will kick off with an influencer-led campaign set to inspire online communities and influencers to take a firm stand against cyberbullying this June 21st, in observance of Stop Cyberbullying Day 2024.

With cyberbullying increasingly affecting mental health on a global scale, the partnership aims to combine the strengths and resources of both organizations to foster meaningful dialogue and encourage positive actions against online harassment. Through a series of strategic initiatives and outreach efforts, Zink Talent and Cybersmile hope to leverage the influential platforms of creators to drive significant change.

Zink Talent, known for its extensive network of high-profile influencers, plans to spearhead critical conversations, share personal stories, and promote proactive measures against cyberbullying. Samantha Zink, the founder and CEO of Zink Talent, has been a vocal advocate for creating a safer online space. With over a decade of experience in social media and first hand exposure to the rampant issue of online hate, Zink is committed to this cause.

Speaking about the new partnership with Cybersmile this week, Zink said, “They are a great organization for anyone looking for a resource that can help with any aspect of cyberbullying.” 

The partnership represents a significant milestone in the battle against cyberbullying, showcasing the impactful role of collaboration and influencer advocacy in addressing pressing social issues. By uniting their efforts, Zink Talent and Cybersmile aim to foster a safer and more supportive online environment for all.