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Miss Pravala reveals latest mantra music video “Ombwiri Shakti” to help women unlock their true powers

© Miss Pravala

Spiritual entrepreneur, energy healer and mantra singer Miss Pravala has released her latest music video “Ombwiri Shakti” to help empower women to find their inner happiness.

As a professionally trained energy healer and coach helping women unlock their spirituality, Miss Pravala’s latest creation channels the powerful kundalini energy that brings magic to people’s lives.

Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy believed to reside at the base of the spine, in the muladhara, according to Hinduism. It is a key idea in haiva Tantra, where it is thought to be a force or power related with the divine feminine or Goddess’s formless aspect.

In her latest video, Miss Pravala explores the metaphor of the spirit coming out into the world. The sacred mantra included within the video takes its origins from kundalini practices and portrays the message that every woman has their own inner ability to create magic in their lives.

Music video Ombwiri Shakti

Miss Pravala comes from a tribe known as “The Mermaid Tribe” that originated off the coast of Africa, which is symbolized in her latest video to illustrate both the magic and the beauty of mythical tales in relation to ocean goddesses. 

Having explored spirituality and sacred mantras from Buddhist, Hindu and trantric temples, Miss Pravala sings her mantras as a way to bring sacred words of self love to people, and empower them with healing and joy. 

The spiritual entrepreneur, who also practices Venusian yoga and organizes several tantric healing retreats every year, launched her 90-day life course “Goddess Life Transformation” this year to help people understand their divine nature, and unlock all the possibilities of life. 

To learn more about her latest projects, you can visit the official website and connect with her on Instagram. 

Have you explored your spirituality to bring new opportunities into your life?