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Be The Change You Seek Foundation announce new event to support breast cancer awareness

© Anna Tarazevich

Be The Change You Seek Foundation announced their latest gala event today which will be taking place this coming November.

Over the past several years, the foundation have been raising awareness of breast cancer with a host of research and corporate partners, encouraging women to get screened regularly in order to access potentially life saving treatment.

1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop a form of invasive breast cancer during the course of their lifetime according to recent studies, with the latest research showing that there have been more than 280,000 cases of invasive breast cancer in 2021 alone.

Due the impact of the pandemic on the medical profession, and strained hospital systems, breast cancer screenings have taken a back seat as a record number of Covid hospitalizations have delayed appointments and preventative care.

Nearly 85% of breast cancer cases are in women who have no pre-existing family history of the disease and it is thought that up to 10% of cases are due to genetic factors.

Be The Change You Seek Foundation was set up with the mission to help eradicate breast cancer and life threatening diseases before its too late to act, and has been funding crucial research including fellowships and tissue banks that enable targeted treatments to reduce breast cancer mortality rates.

Supporting select breast cancer centers nationally, the organization revealed in an announcement to members today that they will be hosting their gala event with a number of prominent medical professionals, doctors and leading experts at one of AEG’s special event venues on November 25. The aim of the event is to fundraise for breast cancer awareness and new treatments. The gala will also welcome leaders in the medical field to discuss the latest developments and highlight recent advances in treating the disease.

To learn more about the foundation and their work, visit their website.