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Cryptonizing smart houses just became possible with GogolCoin

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The concept of ‘cryptonizing’ assets has been put into a new gear thanks to the launch of an innovative technology created by GogolCoin.

With smart housing going through a transition, GogolCoin is aiming to create a new kind of relationship between homeowners and their properties.

Launching its Digital Smart Homes solution, GogolCoin has developed a system that runs on cryptocurrency to help people manage all aspects of their home through the power of an app.

Having been developed to provide home owners with an easy and flexible solution that can run from a phone, GogolCoin is leveraging the power of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain to deliver a new kind of ability for managing smart homes.

As the first of its kind, GogolCoin has created an ambitious new product in the crypto space that aims to solve real world problems when it comes to property management, finance and home related issues including insurance, managing gadgets, and more.

Providing its initial assessment to new customers at reduced costs, GogolCoin is enabling a new generation of homeowners to adopt cryptocurrency with the launch of a customized Digital Wallet, providing them with the ability to link their smart homes under one roof.

With cryptocurrencies providing numerous benefits such as reduced transaction costs, no banking fees and decentralised finance options, smart home owners can leverage the new tech to keep their costs in check – and even transition their existing contracts over into their Digital Wallet in the near future.

As GogolCoin embarks on new developments to further enhance its application, its hybrid CSH application will further integrate new options for users so that they can manage all aspects of their home.

Following advancements in cryptocurrency platforms and a rise in new industry tools, there’s growing momentum for cryptocurrency based solutions which could disrupt home ownership and a variety of industries including hospitality in the coming months and years ahead.

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Financial disclaimer: Financial trading and investing in cryptocurrencies including NFTs, coins, tokens as well as other leveraged products is highly risky and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable professional financial advice should be obtained before investing in these assets or the financial markets.