Gamer Briana Amerson stuns cosplay fans with her latest collection of outfits

© Briana Amerson

Fantasy gamer and Twitch streamer Briana Amerson, who also goes by the name of Psychokittykatgaming, has released her latest spring collection of cosplay outfits.

With a growing online community of viewers on Twitch watching her play her highly entertaining Call of Duty streams, she’s amassed a large following of gamers that are inspired by her unique style and fantasy passions.  

On TikTok and Instagram, the gamer turned cosplay artist is also creating transformation videos where she sets the scene with a lighting setup to transition her into a fantasy world with atmospheric smoke and rich colors. 

With her carefully selected wardrobe of cosplay outfits, Amerson has been designing her own unique fantasy looks for her fans online. With her latest outfits she’s delving in deeper into the fantasy art realm with her pictures exuding style and confidence with her choice of different costumes. 

Channelling the likes of the Spider-Man franchise and Captain Marvel, Amerson has revealed this month some impressive cosplay outfits incorporated into visually rich settings in the form of movies posters. Having built her very own studio to develop the right look, and producing stunning visuals with the help of her experimental setup, she’s among the few gamers that can create designs of this quality and create unique cosplay imagery for her social channels.

Among the fast rising Twitch streamers, Briana Amerson is taking a very different approach, combining her passion for cosplay and gaming into a unique fan experience. Like many of her peers, Briana is building her online community and establishing her brand with more projects in the works for 2021. 

Fans can support her in a variety of ways through the Cash App and her online e-store. She’s also revealed where she gets her latest outfits that her fans can also order online. 

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