Chad Ehlers the man behind the global movement, ChadChange, continues to spread love and positivity through music and dance

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In today’s society we are faced with many challenges. Influencer Chad Ehlers, also more commonly known as Da_chad, by the online community, knows this and has made it his mission to bring some joy into people’s lives with his ChadChange Movement. Utilizing TikTok to build an army of 400+ influencers with the common goal of spreading positivity, Chad continues to raise money for various charities and make an impact through his compassionate and motivational attitude. His inspiring story and his approach to bringing people the opportunity to have fun through dance has touched the hearts of many.

In conversation with Chad Ehlers

Hi Chad! Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I’m a social media influencer that started on TikTok. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and now live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I started doing some of the popular dances on TikTok and then I began making my own. My previous wife, before Mia’s mom, took her life due to depression. It was because of that experience that I started a group of influencers which is growing daily to reach out to help others in need and spread positivity. We support and raise money for different charities every month and for individual families as well. I teach dance through Zoom, not as a serious dance class but for anyone and everyone to come and have fun and forget about the stress of the day, together, we dance, laugh and smile, all free of charge. Along the way, my youngest daughter (Mia) was diagnosed with leukemia, this was an eye-opener which inspired me to use my platform to advocate for childhood cancer awareness as well.

What inspired you to make the move from nursing to full-time social media influencer?

I did nursing for about 10 years. I felt that this was my calling at the time as I am naturally a positive personality. However, doing this and wanting to help others stay positive and happy was hard for me to do in an atmosphere with so many sick and dying patients, so I made the change. Being a positive social media influencer has also given me the ability to stay at home more with my family.

Can you tell us some more about the ChadChange Movement and what you do?

The ChadChange Movement started with about five people. I was doing one of my live sessions on TikTok one day when I started off asking them if they wanted to form a group to show support. I didn’t expect it to grow like it has! Now, we have so many people requesting daily to join this group of positive influencers. Today, the ChadChange Movement is composed of nineteen different groups of 400+ claimed positive influencers, each with a focus on different support groups. For example, we have groups for people going through divorce, cancer, abuse etc… We have also formed a few different group structures with: A leader’s group, a promoter’s group, a designer’s group, and even a charity board, etc. In addition, on the first of every month, we also raise funds by going live and promoting a chosen charity for that month.

I stay so driven to continue to do this because of the testimonies I receive from numerous influencers about how stumbling across the ChadChange Movement has saved their lives.

Why do you think TikTok has become such a popular platform for spreading your message of positivity?

I think it’s because TikTok is centered around bringing positivity through music and dance, which is the world’s most powerful form of expression. Music and dance have been around since the beginning of time and always will be.

You work with a range of mental health services to help transform people’s lives. How important is this in our modern society?

Today’s time feels so much more stressful given that people are feeling trapped inside their homes and everything is online or on social media, not to mention, we are in the middle of a pandemic! Every single person has gone through something in their lives and having an outlet to relieve stress or vent emotions can be just the thing someone needs to save them from depressive thoughts or actions.

What do you think it is about music and dance that makes them such a powerful channel for promoting positivity and boosting mental health?

If you think about the most powerful and emotionally impactful videos that you’ve ever watched but you took the sound away, it would lose its ability to touch your heart. Music is a universal language, meaning, that it doesn’t matter what native tongue you speak or what side of the world you live on, we can all relate to it. If you play a sound with a rhythmic beat all people will relate and bob their heads to the music, together, instinctively. If you add a harmonic chord with a powerful crescendo, people will become emotional, cry, or even feel inspired, together.

What does being a father mean to you?

It means to protect, provide, love and teach your children to the best of your ability. I will fail most likely every day but the most important thing is that I never give up. Every morning that you wake up you have the opportunity to try again to do better and if you don’t succeed there’s always tomorrow!

How can people find and support you and your Movement?

They can engage in my content and follow my story through my social media platforms such as Instagram: , TikTok: Master Creator Ⓜ️ (@da_chad) TikTok | Watch Master Creator Ⓜ️’s Newest TikTok Videos or Facebook: (1) its_da_chad | Facebook. I have numerous ways for people to get involved. On my social media platforms and website, there are posted links of my bio including merch, donations and information about our zoom classes and inspirational talks. People do not realize that even something as simple as a compliment can make me smile which causes me to continue to be inspired to help others.

Thank you Chad for your time! You can follow up with Chad Ehlers at https://dachad.life

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