Tattoo artist Mikhail Andersson brings watercolor art to the forefront

Mikhail Andersson / © First Class Tattoos

It’s no secret that tattoos have hit the mainstream, and with celebrities looking to shine with their latest body tapestries, there’s a new trend emerging in the form of edgy color landscapes and vibrant art.

Owner of First Class Tattoos, Mikhail Andersson is setting the benchmark for this new emerging trend encompassing watercolor art and color realism into his tattoo designs.

From Los Angeles to New York, the tattoo artist has managed to gain a celebrity clientele from athletes to business moguls. Some of his clients include The Dolan twins, Jason Saltzman (founder of Alley), Marc Rzatkowski from the New York Red Bulls, Anwar Hadid and Tank Sinatra (George Resh) among many others.

Having delved into tattoos since 2007, Andersson, originally from Russia, moved to the U.S. to start his business. After setting up his shop in New York, he built his brand around his passion, and now has a full-time staff of tattoo artists creating unique designs year-round for people who have travelled from across the U.S. to get their tattoos made.

Among Andersson’s other trademark designs include his edgy trash polka sleeves and full color landscapes, proven to be popular among the creative crowd. And with his team of international tattoo artists, his brand is also focusing on different styles including Neo Traditional, Fine Line and Black and Grey concepts.

In the entertainment industry, tattoos have become a fashion statement. For performers like Justin Bieber, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga and Travis Barker, tattoos are another form of expression.

And it was just this past week that a Bernie Sanders meme of him wearing mittens at the Inauguration became the latest tattoo craze, with people getting the infamous photo engraved into their arms.

Will you be getting your tattoo this year?

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